trioMakiko Hirabayashi Trio

Makiko Hirabayashi (p)
Klavs Hovman (b)
Marilyn Mazur (ds/perc/voc)

Since the release of their first album, titled ”Makiko” (Enja 2006), Makiko Hirabayashi Trio has received wide critical acclaim as a personal voice on the international jazz scene. The trio is known for their vibrant interplay and strong compositions with a great story telling quality. The trio’s 4th album “Where the Sea Breaks” was released in March 2018, with special guest, Jakob Buchanan (tpt/fgh) on 4 tracks. In 2009, their second album, “Hide And Seek” was a double prize winner for both composition and sound in Jazz Critique Magazine, Japan.
Over the last 12 years, the trio has been performing at major jazz festivals and venues throughout Europe and Japan, and travelled to countries as far as Egypt and Malaysia. The music reflects Makiko’s multicultural background, where elements of jazz, classical music, Far Eastern sounds and Nordic moods are all incorporated into an original and engaging idiom of her own.



bespeak-pressfoto 377 kb


Randi Pontoppidan (voc impro/electronics)
Anders Børup (voc impro/electronics)
Soma Allpass (cello)
Makiko Hirabayashi (p)
Dalia Faitelson (gtr/Perc)

BESPEAK is a collective of 5 musicians on a musical adventure, seeking new sounds and textures on both acoustic and electronic instruments. Their music is largely improvised, and has a wide range of perspectives, from looking at the smallest details in sounds, to reaching out into endless space. Together they create intriguing soundscapes and musical stories, using instruments in unexpected ways, and through electronic effects.




The 4th Power

Alessandro Garau (tpt)
Makiko Hirabayashi (p/keys)
Aurelio Raposo (b)
Ayi Solomon (perc)

In spring 2013, trumpet player, Alessandro Garau (IT) and bassist, Aurelio Raposo (BR) met in Copenhagen, with a common yearning for writing music, inspired by different cultures from the far corners of the world. The great percussionist from Ghana, Ayi Solomon, became the catalyst for their writing process, where they found their sound with strong rhyhtmic drive and great melodic qualities. With the contemporary jazz pianist, Makiko Hirabayashi from Japan, adding beautiful harmonies and great soloing, the band was finally complete. The music is inspired by elements from Italian melodies, Brazilian music, African rhythms, jazz and flamenco.




Makiko Hirabayashi/Bob Rockwell Duo

Bob Rockwell (sax)
Makiko Hirabayashi (p)

This duo collaboration originally started in 2011, at a charity concert for the Fukushima tsunami victims. The music reflects on the actual event and the years that followed, and has kept both its fragile and explosive elements. Unbound by stylistic limitations, Bob’s melodic lines and Makiko’s colourful textures interact freely. In March 2016, they released a full album with ten of Makiko’s compositions and one jazz standard.




Flemming Agerskov (tpt/flg)
Makiko Hirabayashi (p)
Francesco Cali (acc)

With an unusual set of instruments – trumpet, accordion and piano, Binocular creates refreshing and poetic music. Having collaborated in different groups earlier, Flemming and Makiko communicate freely with respect to details and use of space. Francesco Cali’s accordion adds another layer of rich colours to the palette. Binocular released their debut album in 2011, recorded at the legendary Rainbow Studio with Jan Erik Kongshaug.